4617 Free Images - Photos, Illustrations, Vector graphics: "Sculpture"

sculpture of a sailor near the flag
sculpture of a woman in greece
statues on the roof of a church in france
statue of a monk with a sign
bronze statue of a monk
sculpture in chinese building
renaissance monument in annaberg
wreath near the monument
statue of the Silesian Uprising
beste boek over boeddhisme
Balloon blue dog
white woman statue in a park
monuments in religious cathedral
white sculpture in Austria
Buddha head near view
buddha head as a symbol of buddhism
huge sculptures in a cambodian temple
white buddha statue as a symbol of buddhism
menacing stone sculptures in a cambodia temple complex
white statue of christ in church in reykjavik
black and white image of a big figure in a temple complex
figures of warriors on the wall of the temple in Cambodia
black and white image of cambodia temple
incinerator in a concentration camp
giant golden sculpture in thailand
sandstone sculptures
marienburg augustus statue castle
pumpkin as a monument of unesco
sculpture under blue sky in barcelona
persons in the temple complex in cambodia
head of buddha statue close up
building in cambodia
dry leaves on a stone road
people near buddhist temple in thailand
the statue of the Oakland cemetery
brick building with columns in thailand
sculpture of deity head in thailand
sculptures on the roof of a building in sardinia
wat ratburana
Gaudi sculpture in barcelona
carved figures on the wall of the cathedral
bronze buddha statue near the temple
ancient drawings on the wall
grooving on the walls of the Florentine cathedral
statues of people near the building in italy
black and white photo of the door with a picture in the temple
sculptures on the ancient temple in Karnataka
christian arch on the wall
sculpture in the city center
bright triangular building in Thailand
sculpture near a building in florence
florence architecture close up
architecture buildings with sculptures in florence
painting on the wall
buddha statues near the temple
sculpture near the tower in the capitol
tower over the roofs of houses in florence
hands of a statue close up
column with sculptures on a building in Italy
sculptures near Hearst Castle