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holy bible with a stone crucifix
star christmas saying proclaim
pink rose on the bible
large marble statue of maria holding baby jesus
door lion bronze wood macro
holly leaves december xmas
temple complex in tibet
religious statues in an asian temple
mysterious buddha statue in japan mountain
dome of a tibetan temple
christmas kings time
miniature clay statue of small bhuddha
dragons chinese dragon
statue buddha japan religion
church in iceland
The Magi also referred to as the (Three) Wise Men or (Three) Kings
monastic christian christianity
colors floor festival indian hindu
statue of santa's face with misstletoe
Epiphany or Theophany also known as Three Kings' Day, is a Christian feast day
sleeping person in a temple
Statue of angel figure with bronze wings
beautiful sky in miami
prayer chain and rose petals
hand of big sitting Buddha statue
prayer flags in mountains
Ancient Lepakshi temple
sculptures stone religion asia
People flowers on funeral memoty
sitting angels on red hearts miniatures
silver figure of ganesha
golden buddha statue with yellow flowers
west birds above the church
cross on the summit of alps mountain peak symbol of christianity
Christianity symbol
greece cyclades island sky holiday
banner header cross pray faith
book bible old antique
red church door
buddha statue in historical museum
buddha statue in the garden
smoke smell burn worship liturgy
flame reflecting in christmas ornaments
old clay temple from the past
buddha religion buddhism buddhist
church organ
Heading at the picture believe god religion church sky
buddha balance serenity buddhism
tian tan buddha bronze hong kong
buddhism stupa in the temple
tibet buddhism yellow hats
traditional chinese decoration of a temple
bible read christianity christian
giant Egyptian pharaoh's statue
colourful stained-glass window in a cathedral
angel cherub madrid new mexico
tealight and rose petals
easter christ passion catholics
Christmas decoration in the form of a green round ball
gold covered Buddha face