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Temple on the lake among the trees in Korea
church by the sea in france
China Temple Buddhism
Church Novel Romanesque Art
Thailand Temple Mural
Cyprus Ayia Napa Ayios Andreas
Bell Tower Church
Ayutthaya Buddha Roots
Church Gold Effect Nevada
Egyptian Characters Billedhuggeri
Cross Crucifix
church building near rock in armenia
Traditional indian sculpture, three young monks at temple
baby Angel sculpture on facade of St. Anne's Church, germany, Augsburg
virgin Mary sculpture behind fence in grotto
medieval monk figure at stone wall, Estonia, Tallinn
anthropomorphic elephant, deity sculpture outdoor, Thailand, Pai
Jesus and saints, Fresco on ceiling of church dome, russia, Kazan
buddha sculpture in front of ruined temple, Thailand, Ayutthaya
narrow Stained Glass window of Church
open entrance door of old Church, italy, Meran
Pagoda, buddhist Temple at pond in city, China, hong kong
small white Chapel in garden at summer
Baroque Church interior, portugal, Lisbon
old wooden door with metal handle
Notre-Dame cathedral towers at sky, france, Paris
Jesus Christ wearing thorn crown with cross, sculpture
ancient city on both side of Adige river, panorama, Italy, Verona
Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore in city, italy, Rome
prehistoric Dolmen tomb near Cornfield
old Church at road, italy, Maratea
Abbey church of Corvey at summer, germany, Höxter
exterior of Basílica de Santa Cecilia en Trastevere, italy, Rome
Franciscan Monk ahead of memory walk, lithuania, moletai
top of Big Ben tower at night, uk, England, london
gilded buddha sculptures on gates of temple, Laos, Vientiane
Les Invalides museum exterior, france, paris
wooden orthodox Church on hill at forest, idyll summer landscape
grey stone stupas, indonesia, java, Mahayana Buddhist temple
stone Wall with engraved Icons, cyprus, ayia napa
stained glass Church Window, floral ornament, uk, england, guernsey
hands with gilded nails, buddha sculpture detail, taiwan, kaohsiung
burning Candle with bright Flame
old Church exterior at night, Germany, Berlin
gilded roof of Magnificent Temple, china
st george's parish Church exterior, Canada, Halifax
jesus and woman at well, stained glass Church Window, uk, england, jersey
Sculptures at Holy Trinity Church in Paris
Frankfurt Cathedral and iron bridge across the river in Frankfurt am Main
Cambodian Buddhist temple in Stockton
Fo Guang Shan Monastery in Taiwan
ruins, columned temple in Sicily, Greece
antique ruins in Luxor, Egypt
religious temple in Kathmandu, Nepal
Church of Panagia Theoskepast in Paphos, Cyprus
Temple ruins in Cambodia
red and white church with a spire
jesus sculpture in israel
padoga bell in mumbai
towers on the island of Rab, Croatia