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angel with sword wins devil, Sculpture, france, paris
devil sculpture on historical building facade
flowers at Soviet–Afghan War memorial, soldier sculpture
baby Angel sculpture on facade of St. Anne's Church, germany, Augsburg
virgin Mary sculpture behind fence in grotto
anthropomorphic elephant, deity sculpture outdoor, Thailand, Pai
buddha sculpture in front of ruined temple, Thailand, Ayutthaya
Jesus Christ wearing thorn crown with cross, sculpture
happy buddha stone sculpture
religious buddha statue on the background of clouds
hands with gilded nails, buddha sculpture detail, taiwan, kaohsiung
contemporary Sculpture in park, Australia, Adelaide
sculpture of a couple of woman. man and hands in Cape Town, South Africa
sculpture of an angel and a boy on museum island, Berlin
garden sculpture, woman with jug
metal sculpture, nude woman on black background
sculpture of Mary Magdalene in a church in Siena, Tuscany, architect bernini
Samuel tsar monument, Bulgaria, Sofia
Christ Figure with broken arms, tombstone on graveyard at church
frieze, Medieval wood carving, angels and saints
Blue Metal construction with holes, art object
The Force of Nature sculpture at evening sky, Singapore
woman with heavy bucket on back, bronze sculpture
drunk man with horse, sculpture at house
Bremen Town Musicians Sculpture in city
Lion with shield, Stone Figure, Heraldic Animal
Dancing Satyr, marble sculpture by André Le Brun
entrance door of Cathedral, italy, Florence
sculpture of an animal against the background of an architectural building
Sculpture against the background of an old ruined castle
Valikhanov and potanin monument in park, russia, Pavlodar
Sculpture of a man with a book in his hand
Russia Moscow Fountain
Sculpture Angel Tiffany blue
Thailand Phayao
Frog Yoga Sculpture
Frog Yoga Sculpture
Bulls Guisando Avila
sculpture of a guy head in the square
Statue in the garden of the cathedral
Fontana A Lungotevere Aventino
Sexy Symbol
Blue Sky Sculpture
Trevie Fountain Sculpture
The Hague Sculpture Railing
Jia Jie Asia art
Street white decorations on the square
Dragon Statue Serpent
Art Sculpture
Fountain with a little angel
Palma Cathedrale
Lot Valley Gargoyle
Nativity Scene Passage
Wood Sculpture macro nature
The Inscription Sculpture Lake
Stone ancient pattern of a man on the wall
Dragon Asian sculpture
Failures Valencia statue
Brick Figure Stone wall
Sand Sculpture Structures of fairytales castle