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historical Tower overgrown with ivy, Switzerland, stein am rhein
Stein Am Rhein House
Stein Am Rhein Pedestrian Zone
buoys and boats in the port in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland
Gargoyle Dragon Stein Am rhein
Beautiful and colorful landscape of the coast of Stein Am Rhein, with plants, in Switzerland
Stein am Rhein a fabulous city in Switzerland
pedestrian zone at town hall, switzerland, stein am rhein
Stein Am Rhein
Facade of town hall, stein am rhein
iron architecture of the dome
picturesque buildings with a facade
clock as part of the architecture of the old city
historically mural in Stein am Rhine
clock on the tower in Stein am Rhein
timber frame buildings in Stein am Rhein
graffiti as a modern art
old red brick facade with lattice windows, switzerland, stein am rhein
Beautiful artworks in old town
Stein am Rhein City Fountain, Switzerland
church in Stein am Rhein, Switzerland
gargoyle dragon as metal figure