111 Free Images - Photos, Illustrations, Vector graphics: "Soviet"

Communism Hammer
red Soviet Union Flag drawing
woman holds vintage soviet lubitel photo Camera in hand
Soviet Union Flag Clip Art drawing
hammer and sickle communist symbol
Hot Air Balloon in shape of vintage soviet spaceship vostok at Sky
drawn sickle and hammer on a red star
Soviet Hammer And Sickle drawing
symbols of For Soviet Union
Berlin Soviet statue
disarmament dollar, soviet souvenir coin
Hammer And Sickle Star drawing
abandoned amusement park near Chernobyl, Ukraine, Pripyat ghost town
Soviet Radar Tube component
Moskvich retro car at church, russia
Soviet Union Emblem drawing
Close-up of a vintage pocket watch, at blurred background
vintage flashlight on work shirt
Scud launcher on wheels, in light, at blue sky with white clouds on background
goat and sheep flock grazing near Lenin monument
electronic components of the counter for measuring radioactivity
ZAZ-965, small retro soviet car outdoor
Close-up of the telescope in Irbene, Latvia
Old, retro Soviet Gaz car on the green grass, near the fence
Ziu Mtb TrolleyBus model
soviet submarine, now museum, on neva river, russia, saint petersburg
St. George's ribbon
soviet building in Visaginas
soviet building in lithuania
minivan auto latvia soviet drawing
woman-seller behind the counter of a rural store
residential soviet house in Visaginas
Poland Soviet counter
components of a geiger counter close-up
Irbene Soviet Radio
radio antenna inside view
Phone Russia Soviet drawing
Sculpture Soldier at the cemetery in Warsaw
details of a geiger counter close up
graphic image of the national costume
graphic image of Lenin on a red background
soyuz Rocket Take Off
old electric locomotive on rails
old radio telescope
clock face of vintage soviet wristwatch, detail with rocket inscription close up
Ä°llustration of hand Holding a hammer sledge
Parade May 9
terrific old soviet car
lenin as a drawing
Soviet Radio telescope in Latvia, irbene
geiger counter in detail close up
soviet spaceship
Latvia Irbene antenna telescope
child girl in military nurse uniform with a suitcase
communist symbol, red star
Landscape of Flags in kremlin
monument lenin, russia
Geiger counter for radiation
radio antenna near
Soviet radio antenna