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Tram on beautiful Friedrichsplatz in Kassel, Germany
landscape of kassel trees at the sunset
mountain park wilhelmshöhe landmark
historical building of Great Greenhouse, germany, Kassel
Beautiful Castle Wilhelmshöhe with the stairs in snow
white gazebo on a hill in the park
kassel lake tree autumn panorama
wilhelmsh castle
sculpture of a pickaxe on the river in kassel
large sculpture of a pickaxe by the river
Kassel World Heritage mountain park wilhelmshöhe
mountain park wilhelmshöhe
Art Documents
folk festival, distant top view, germany, kassel
Kassel City blue bus
distant view of kassel castle in a mountain park
castle in a park in kassel
night photograph of Kassel
Kassel Swan Island
orangery kassel building
vintage street lanterns on fence in park, germany
center of Kassel in cloudy wheather
building of university of Kassel by the river
Staats theater Kassel
Fridericianum Kassel Museum
Leuvenburg's neo-gothic castle in hesse
lion castle is a fabulous beauty in Germany
Yellow and black Kassel Town Sign
statue of hercules in Wilhelmshoehe mountain park
Uni Kassel bricks
office building near the road
steeple of luther church at sky, germany, kassel
Castle Wilhelmshohe, kassel
arched gateway in aged stone wall at fall, germany, kassel
Germany Kassel Town
Crane at scaffolding on Construction Site, germany, kassel
window on the tower of the town hall
Kassel Fog Mountain
university building in Kassel
part of ferris wheel above city, germany, kassel
Landscape of Temple in Kassel
Calden Airport
pseudomedieval lion’s castle in park, germany, kassel
Hercules statue in Kassel
university facade in Kassel
dish with sauerkraut and sausage with meat
Kassel, Hesse, Germany
greenhouse in the State Park Karlsaue
Wilhelmshöhe Castle in Berg Park at autumn, germany, kassel
Landscape of the Lion Castle
statue of Hercules in Kassel
sculptures of white man and immigrant woman
speed limit sign in Kassel
church with a spire in cassel
man walking to the sky, sculpture, germany, kassel
sculpture walk into the sky of a Jonathan Borofsky
sculpture of a young man with a pipe in the wall in a mountain park in Kassel
interior of modern shopping mall, germany, kassel
white gazebo in the winter park kassel-wilhelmshoehe
painted man walking on a steel pipe