31 Free Images - Photos, Illustrations, Vector graphics: "Ficus Carica"

appetizing Fig Sliced
Sliced Fig in bowl, Dessert
delicious Fig Sliced Dessert
Fig Sliced
appetizing Fig Sliced Dessert
appetizing Fig Fruit Nutrition
sliced figs on a blue plate
green figs in a cut closeup
Fig tree in Italy
tasty ficus carica fig
fresh Fig Fruit with water drops
ficus carica Fig
ripe figs on dry grass
Green ficus carica blossomes
wild figs are common
black fig fruits
ficus fruits close up
fig tree leaves
healthy figs
wild common fig ficus carica close-up
ficus carica on a branch
open ficus carica
sweet ficus carica
green wild fig
the fruits of the fig tree
fig cross section
sliced fig on a plate
fig tree with unripe green fruit
Fig Tree Fruit
Fig Sliced Plate Wooden
Fig Ficus Carica Fruit