354 Free Images - Photos, Illustrations, Vector graphics: "Calf"

baby elephant with a raised trunk at the zoo
wobbly calf
drawing wild horned bison
cattle calf puppy
Mom and son calfs
Calf on farm
cute young calf in the meadow
cows are on the field
people near the cows on the field
people near the cows
elephant family in the wild
the calf is walking on the green grass
bison on green grass
female buffalo with young on farm
calf drinks mother's milk
furry horned bull at a beautiful stream
cow in a green meadow
cow and calf resting on a green meadow
large farm cows on pasture
cow and calf on green pasture
black and white cute calves on the farm
Child with calf in India
cow kisses a calf
cow feeding calf drawing
Elephant with a baby eating grass
Calf on the green meadow
cows graze in the meadow
cows in the meadow eat grass
long horned cow with calf, sculpture in fountain, france, paris
Young bull on the field
colorful calves in the pasturee
graphic image of a brown calf
flock of brown calves on the farm
Clipart,picture of white cow with pink nose
calves on pasture close up
horned calf on green grass
Scottish calf
black and white cattle
african elephant with cub in the wild
drawing calf
cattle in a large pen
brown cows on a farm in summer
elephant with a little elephant in safari
calf on a chain in the grass
black cow in a forest in Ecuador
black calf on the farm
calf sucks milk
cows on green pasture
brown-white cow closeup
white calf on the ground
white calf among green nature
African Elephants, adults and Babies, in wild
Cows and Calf lying together on meadow
the calf lying on the farm
numbered young calf
young African Elephant head close up
calf with a numbers in the ear
spotted cow on black background
cow and calf is walking in the forest
Sheep Herd on fenced Pasture at forest