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crucifixion, metallic jesus figure on wooden cross
christmas greeting card with candle
angel figure on bible page
golden cross at black background
ancient stone wall with cross, place of pilgrimage
architecture of the spire of the cathedral close-up
jesus face, church sculpture
Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery, orthodox church, russia, rostov
bible in hand at sky
jesus christ on tomb, sculpture
cross on prayer book and candle
bible and wedding bouquet on altar
set of religious symbols
crucifixion, abstract illustration
burning candle with cross, illustration
panorama of the night of Bahrain
carved holy figures in the interior of the cathedral
inscription in the synagogue
open catholic church
tourist spot on the hill
panorama of jerusalem
big buddha in thailand
burning candle in the dark
Abandoned building in Belarus
Stained glass with an eucharist drawing in a church
Building on a on a Samos island
Cathedral in Venezuela
Monument to the Virgin in Maracaibo,Venezuela
Temple near water in Punakha
Saint Mary church in Minnesota
silhouette of women with hand raised
vitskol abbey, denmark
inscription faith love hope against the evening sky
religious figure against the sky in the heart
jesus christ on cross, stone figure outdoor
Buddhist Fire Stack Statues, Buddha Eden Garden, portugal
yellow symbol in the shape of the sun
winged angel with a cross
inscription trust yourself
woman with drum, stained glass
church on the cemetery
church, sunrise ,sunset, fog, space,foggy
church, building, architecture,architecture,religion
church, sky, religion, faith,architecture
grave with a stone angel
tower of the mosque in Agadir
church monument in Lublin
yellow dry roses lie on the bible
The Church of Saints Peter and Paul is a Roman Catholic church.
colorful Easter egg with the inscription
famous Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey
hammer beats the screw
bible page based blue and brown background
woman’s hand holding bible pages
woman praying in vietnam
eyeglasses on open bible
church on Prince Edward Island
morning bird in sky silhouette
black and white photo of a mosque in Morocco
stone church building